The idea for " The   Polish Journal of Criminology (e-ISSN 2451-4098; p-ISSN 2543-4659)  emerged in early 2014, at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. The originators intend to integrate the representatives of various sciences around the study of Criminology.

The main aim of the Editorial Board is to create a periodical reaching Polish and International audiences, which would take up Criminology problems in a wide sense. Cooperation with Index Copernicus, an experienced publisher of scientific journals, is the first step towards this goal.

It is the Editorial Board’s mission:

  • to create a periodical that would be a forum for scientific discourse and an exchange of ideas among Polish and foreign centres;
  • to compare theoretical and practical achievements in criminology;
  • to promote the achievements of the Polish theoretical and practical thought in criminology and criminal law on an international scale;
  • to integrate the scientific community and representatives of criminal justice practitioners in Poland and abroad.

The Polish Journal of Criminology is a periodical which considers criminology to be a metascience, encompassing various research currents. We write about deviant behaviour, of which most importantly about crime. We focus on the causes of crime, their phenomenology, and the methods of fighting pathological phenomena. We also publish the results of empirical studies in the area of forensics and forensic medicine.

We are interested in philosophy and sociology of punishment and crime prevention, discussed especially in the context of comparative law, including the existing achievements and the current work of Pan-European and global organisations and institutions. We write about offenders and their victims, and also about the methods of handling problems related to criminal behaviour. We are interested in the issues of restorative justice, the social context of crime, preventing crime in local communities, also in political crime and penological issues. Another important area of interest to us is the psychology of personality, deviance and forensic psychiatry.

We also have space on the pages of our journal for legal doctrine topics, especially criminal law – substantive, procedural and executory. We expect our authors to present the practical application of the institutions and their influence on criminal behaviour.

We encourage all interested persons to actively participate in the creation of the Polish Journal of Criminology. Especially, we would like to extend our invitation to authors who would be interested in having their articles published, and to scientists who could support the Editorial Board in the peer review process.


                                                              With kind regards



                                                              The Polish Journal of Criminology

                                                              prof. UG, dr hab. Wojciech Zalewski